Knowledge Base

ERS is committed to facilitating the exchange of information between ITADs, Recyclers, Refurbishers and Service Providers to continue to improve the Electronics Reuse Industry as a whole.

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ERC Sessions

There are few better ways to learn about an important topic than to hear directly from a subject matter expert.  The general and breakout sessions at the eReuse Conference are one of the industry's best opportunities to do just that.  Experienced professionals conduct interactive presentations and panel discussions covering a range of industry-related topics, such as environmental regulation, new technologies, data destruction practices, profitability enhancement, and much more.

Data Destruction

Mike Cheslock, Co-Founder of ERS, has been professionally focused on the world of data destruction since 2006.  No one is more experienced across the range of data destruction methods, including various data wiping software tools, shredders, crushers, disintegrators and degassers. During that time, Mike has written various White Papers and Tech Commentary (which can be found here) covering some of the more surprising and important findings that have taken place in the industry related to protecting information on electronic storage media, and also maintains our Data Destruction Blog.