Whether you are a recycler considering expansion into profitable electronics reuse, or an existing ITAD or electronics refurbisher with room for additional process optimization and operational cost control, E-Reuse Services has the expertise to extract the most value from every aspect of your reuse operations.  Put simply, there is no partnership, vendor or employee with the experience, relationships or capability to achieve greater performance from your organization's data destruction and electronics reuse operations than ERS... none.



  • Host the annual Electronics Reuse Conference (ERC)
  • Work closely with industry solution providers to enhance process workflow and operational stability
  • Work with standards-makers to advance operating guidelines and improve best-practices
  • Manage the E-Reuse Network, which provides discounts from the industry's top vendors

Data destruction

  • Minimize data wiping licensing costs
  • Maximize technician labor efficiency
  • Eliminate quality control gaps and not-so-obvious security vulnerabilities
  • Develop client- and process-specific operating documents and guides
  • Improve audit trail and asset tracking

Reuse operations

  • Develop and maintain a reliable and accurate "tech-cut line"
  • Implement efficient, secure intake and reuse-friendly de-manufacturing procedure
  • Educate sales staff on setting customer expectations for material quality to reduce RMA rates
  • Perform timely, affordable internal audits through our world class partner, GreenEye Partners